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A former elite cyclist, I decided to follow my
dreams of adventure two years ago.  

After covering 150,000 km by bike, spending 120 days in Nepal to meet the biggest mountains in the world, running 2 Ironman events, completing the Tour du Mont-Blanc by bike and crossing France by bike, 

I decided to cross the Nepalese Himalayas by bike and mountaineering on the trail of the Great Himalaya Trail (2000km / 90,000m of elevation gain), then went on to earn a World record between Paris and Dakar (5600km) in 20 days.

I live my projects with commitment and passion - I always try to put as much energy into sharing as I do into adventure. 

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The GravelMan Series allows you to get back to basics during the event, a few dozen hours when time stands still.


The GravelMan Series is a series of adventures undertaken without any assistance (power, repairs, orientation, support vehicle).

Adventures where the smiles and happiness of the participants by pushing oneself past their limits is the number one goal.

Giving Back


The Superides camps are adventures that let you discover France and Europe.

It is a balance between mountains and valleys that allows us to share a cycling adventure for a few hours.


These are camps adapted to everyone's needs and expectations. Minimalist experiences to progress by bike, bikepacking and ultra-endurance - either road or gravel. It is a unique opportunity to discover the local culture, accompanied by a current or former high-level athlete.

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